Outstanding: A Selection of Contemporary Reuben Winners features 9 of the most recent Reuben winners in a new light, by getting to know the artists behind the incredible careers. This small exhibition is a proof of concept for a larger immersive exhibit, slated to tour the nation in 2023. The touring exhibition will feature the entire cartooning industry through the lens of American culture and zeitgeist, reflecting the immense cultural shifts and changes that the country has been through in the past century. Examining how cartoonists voices interpreted these moments, audiences can gain a newfound perspective on how art is vital to the processing of culture.

The exhibit will showcase educational panels providing the history of the industry along with interactive activities such as; opportunities to work with physical aspects of the trade from ink pens to tablets to coloring and layouts. Guests will have an in-depth experience on how the industry truly works and have opportunities to not only connect with their favorite artists, but also introduce them to new ones.  This exhibition offers many live event opportunities for cartoonists, and has the potential to increase the profiles and visibility of the entire industry worldwide.


Do you have an idea that could enhance the larger exhibition? What do you wish we could include? We want this next iteration to be a true reflection of the industry as a whole, so we want to hear from you!

We would love to feature as many professionals in cartooning as possible, so please let us know the best way to contact you if you would like to be involved in the larger exhibition next year!
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