Experience this groundbreaking film with a live orchestra performing the singular score.

The film’s director, Jordan Peele, on the film’s composer Michael Abels – “He hadn’t composed a film before, which is what I wanted; I didn’t want someone with a bag of tricks. As a movie, it needs to sound like something we hadn’t experienced before. I sent him links to my favorite horror scores: Philip Glass for Candyman, John Carpenter for Halloween, the score from The Shining, Mica Levy’s Under the Skin, Angelo Badalamenti. We talked about elements of these scores that produced the unnerving aspects …We first focused on that opening track. I knew I wanted black voices in a context we hadn’t heard. He decided to do the voices in Swahili. He came up with something that sounds like a demonic Negro spiritual. It just worked and it informs the rest of the score.”Variety

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