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Last week in Utah ...

Last week was my first trip to Provo, Utah. Although, I had been through Utah several times to witness it's beauty, my travels had never led me to Provo. What a gem of a little town!! The town seems to be supported by BYU in the same sense that Boulder, CO is supported by the University of Colorado. The town has hip and vibrant feel to it (by Utah's standards anyway) and I found myself enjoying the surroundings of being nestled right in the foothills of the Utah side of the Rocky Mountains. BYU with funding from the BRAVO series brought our show "A Whole New World of Alan Menken" to the facility and the town treated us to TWO Packed and Incredibly enthusiastic evenings! The crowd cheered and clapped in unison as Alan ran through his one-man "storyteller" type show. A show that I might add, I absolutely adore. The shows, stories and evenints were outstanding, so too was the response:

Broadway World Review: "Monumental"


Front Row Reviewers: "Alan Menken Celebrates the Magic of Music"


I couldn't be more enthusiastic about our time with BYU in Provo Utah. They have an amazing Music & Musical Theater program and the enthusiasm surrounding Alan's music was the magical spark that brought not only his music, but both evenings to life!!