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Black Ink Hard at Work ...

Hey there!

Man, what a week it has been, for the whole team, I might add. We've all been shaking our Tail Feathers trying to make good things happen, let's see where to start ...

Mike & Ryan are out on the road with "Drum Tao"(http://www.drum-tao.com/main/english) currently, as the tour Production Manager(s). They are on their East Coast Run and performing daily (sometimes twice) while fitting and formatting the show into every (diverse) venue and onto every stage. No easy task. We couldn't be more proud of them and the wonderful job they are doing. If Drum Tao is heading to your city, we suggest you check it out. It's really a very lovely show, especially if you like LOUD DRUMS!!

Alek has been very busy for Black Ink on the West Coast. Recently, he completed and executed a successful run of La La Land, with Justin Hurwitz's Oscar Winning score performed by the Seattle Symphony, under the musical leadership of Maestro Erik Ochsner (http://www.erikochsner.com), the shows were described as "Pure Joy". Immediately after wrapping up La La Land in Seattle, Alek jumped right into a 4 Show SOLD OUT run with Jo Koy (http://jokoy.com/) in the Pacific Northwest. What a week, what a trooper!!!

In the upcoming week, our Technical Director Allen will be taking the "La La Land" show into San Antonio!! The tour will stop at the Majestic Empire Theater with the San Antonio Symphony performing this amazing score live to picture! Tickets are still available and can be found here: http://www.majesticempire.com/shows/lalaland

As for myself, it was a long week of preparation and meetings in Los Angeles. We are still FULL GO on our newest production, which is coming together quite nicely. I really can't wait until we are announced to the public and on-sale, I'm dyyyyiiiiinnnnngggg to tell everyone what we have going on here. What I can tell you is this: We have an amazing cast, We are designing an art-deco set paired with Out-Of-This-World visuals. Anyone that is familiar with my earlier "La La Land" or "Willy Wonka" shows, know where the bar has been set and we are about to LEAP OVER IT!! This particular project is bringing together a LOT of my favorite elements and people and is going to be an ABSOLUTE BLAST!! Expect an announcement soon!!!

Thanks for checking in on what we have going on, we ALL hope that you have a wonderful upcoming week and are looking forward to seeing you at a show, sometime soon!

- John and the Black Ink Crew.