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New Project Excitement!!

I'm so excited to report that production on our newest show is beginning to ramp up!! There is so much excitement and creativity surrounding any new project, but this one in particular is REALLY going to be something. When we're in this phase of production, you begin to see the vision turn into reality and the momentum swing really starts to speed up. It's unlike anything else in the world!! We're so lucky to get to work with the people and do the things that we love, that I just couldn't be more thankful of everyone and every opportunity we get to help bring a show or creative vision to life. It really helps when you know the subject matter inside and out and are super passionate (and insanely excited) about it. In this case, I can't tell you how close and passionate I am about the selected subject matter of THIS show. We are hoping to have the show announced and on sale soon, like, REAL soon. I promise, you're going to be just as excited as I am!! This is a big one. I literally can't wait to tell you!! More soon :)